Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Friday, 23 October 2009

Just got myself back to normal since arriving home last week, not only was my time clock off balance but the 'ol body clock has just recovered, but we wont go into that one here !

Spent an excellent 2 weeks at the Orphange, my colleague Joe came with me this time so he was able to see things first hand, this year had seen the kids move to yet another house , this one not particularly pleasant, it still had to be finished by the builder, there is one bathroom / Toilet between 32 people which is less than convenient not only for Mother and Father and the kids but for some poor 63 year old from England who sometimes needs to visit up to 3 times in one night !! it's a long walk by torchlight, but then he's obviously spoilt by home comforts !
There is an open concrete staircase with no balustrade or handrail whatsover, this made me wince every time I saw the kids run down it, I dont think Nepal has heard about Health and Safety yet !!

Anyhow, all is certainly not bad, next month they move into a really nice house in an excellent rural location, it has 10 rooms, 3 Bathrooms / loos, solar powered hot water [ which will be a first for all of them] and a small garden where they hope to grow some vegetables and fruit, there is already a Banana Tree and 2 Guava Trees, so that's a good start.
The aim is that they will be able to stay there for 5 years, this will give them the stability and continuity that they need in their lives, they all really like the local school they attend and with only a few exceptions are progressing really well with their studies. I received a full tour of the school and facilities followed up with a most enlightening meeting with the Principal Mr Chandra Dhungel. He has been very understanding in respect of the Orphanage and has made himself available to provide advice and support to the founders, Buddhiman and Indrakala.

During the coming years it is hoped that we can continue to provide support with both schooling and day to day running expenses and at some time in the next year or so purchase a building plot, then even if it takes a few years to get a new house built, they will have an investment that is gaining in value and somewhere to grow rice and vegetables etc which will go some way to reducing their overheads and give them a level of self sufficiency.

During our visit we had an amazing stroke of luck , we stumbled on a Resort Hotel and Leisure Centre in the middle of the Kathmandu Valley. I managed to get a meeting with the Sales and Marketing Manager and convinced him that it would be good PR if he was to let 30 kids from a local Orphanage use the swimming pool. He agreed and gave us a very special rate, we then took them in small groups over 3 days, they had the time of their lives, almost none could swim, those who could, had only been in a river. The main concern of the younger group was that we may disturb the fish in the pool, where the older girls were more concerned that there may be some Bollywood stars staying there ! bless them !

Before leaving we took everyone out to a Chinese Restaurant [well sort of Chinese, and sort of a Restaurant ] near the home.... 30 portions of Chow Mein and 3 journeys in the establishment's shuttle van back home for less than £9.00 in total, how amzing is that? I have to say that it was also very nice too.
Another highlight for the kids was Joe , who is Italian , cooked pasta one night and chicken noodle soup the nex. The Pasta went down so well that every bit of it was eaten, some by hand! as you will see from the photographs.

Well, now that the trip is over we will be looking at fundraising schedules for 2010, I already have some amazing ideas on the table and a number of new sponsors lined up including a major UK comedian so, please continue to look in on us now and again.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this year's fund raising in particular those who have signed up to regular sponsorship... we couldn't achieve anything without your support.

If you'd like to discuss sponsorship or anything at all to do with the Orphanage please e-mail me at

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Village fundraiser a huge success!

On Saturday 5th September people gathered from far and wide in the Village Hall in Carbrooke to help raise nearly £3000 for the Humanitarian Concern Centre in Kathmandu. Prior to the day Terry was hard at work publicising the event, selling raffle tickets and organising a series of fun quizzes for the day while his wife Anne took on the onerous task of cooking over 100 curries!

The event kicked off with a tea dance in the Hall which attracted local people as well as residents from a nearby old people's home. While the tea flowed and delicious were eaten cakes, several nimble dancers took to the floor to put on a fine display for those not quite so fleet of foot to sounds provided by local DJ Edith Cramm. Not just strictly come dancing, the afternoon also had an Asian theme with opportunities for people to don some traditional dress including saris.

After a short breather the second event kicked off at 8.00 with an evening 0f 50's and 60's music. Dress from the period was encouraged and it was great to see so many people dressed for the part - including Terry whose psychedelic shirt and fantastic moustache would not have looked out of place at Woodstock. Half way through the evening Anne and her intrepid helpers begun serving the curries (a mean feat in itself giving the Hall only has a micro wave oven!) which were wolfed down by the ravenous hoards. All in all the event was a huge success - and culminated in the prize draw a couple of days later which saw the TV going to a lady from Caston and the DVD player to someone from Yaxham.

You can see all of the photos from the event HERE

At the time of writing Terry is now out in Nepal visiting the Orphanage - so watch this space for his updates from Kathmandu!

Terry's Nepalese Mission!

Terry with Buddhiman and Indrakala

Sandwiched between China and India the worlds fastest growing economies you will find Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world. A decade long civil war in which 13,000 people were killed, and up to 70,000 displaced from their homes has produced vast numbers of orphans and destitute children. 30 of these children are resident at the Humanitarian Concern Centre Kathmandu. This is a non-political, non-religious, child social welfare organisation. It receives no government funding whatsoever, and is totally reliant on community support and donations from private individuals.

The children of the Humanitarian Concern Centre Kathmandu.

In 2008 Terry was made a non executive director of the orphanage and is involved with planning activities for the efficient operation and running of the centre, fund raising and other activities to improve the life quality of the children, he visits the children every year and is in constant contact with them. Over the last few years money raised has provided the children with regular schooling and examination fees, school uniforms and a home which now has running water and windows!! The children are now also very proud owners of a large screen TV and DVD player purchased with monies donated from friends and colleagues of Terry and Ann.
Last year a charity sale and Nepalese curry lunch at the Carbrooke Village Hall raised over £1,300.00. This year, on Saturday 5th September, Carbrooke Village Hall will be the location for the next charity event - "Something for everyone